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Our Vision

To raise up leaders who are Rooted in Christ, Cultivating their Potential and Impacting the World.

Core Values

1 / Principled

Our graduates live uprightly, according to God’s word, no matter the setting and have nothing to hide. They live a life of repentance and also extend forgiveness to others. They live a life of humility and seek to live at peace with all men.

2 / Knowledgeable 

Our graduates are literate with key knowledge and have the ability to learn more. They are skilled to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems and are used by God to bring His wisdom into the world.

3 / Critical Thinkers

Our graduates have developed biblical thinking skills to know what is truth, based on the word of God.

4 / Communicators

Our graduates can have open, honest, and respectful conversations with people of all walks of life. They are skilled in language and visuals.

5 / Compassionate

Our graduates have developed biblical thinking skills to know what is truth based on the word of God.

6 / Courageous 

Our graduates do not live in fear. They are rooted in Christ and stand up for truth. They live a life of faith, believing that nothing is impossible with God.

7 / Healthy

Our graduates practice spiritual, emotional, and physical health. They feed their spirits the word of God and practice balance in their emotional and physical health, living a life of self-control.

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Inspired by the life of the Prophet Daniel, the Daniel Christian Academy was established to raise up young men and women that will be a light for Christ in the highest places, darkest places and all places.

We welcomed our inaugural class of young learners in Spring 2022 and will expand the academy through twelfth grade over the next 10 years by the grace of God. 

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